Our History

2018-07-01 Huoyoo starts developing games
2018-07-13 Purchased shashou.com etc,                    At the same time began to develop desktop games
2018-08-07 Making 25251.com Web Game Platform
2018-09-27 Purchased 17l.com,platform for making games
2018-10-01 Purchased23.la and 32.la,making a Novel Website
2016-07-04 Huoyoo Network Technology Co Ltd.                     Was registered and established
2016-07-07 Using Huoyoo.com as the official website of Huoyoo Network
2016-07-27 Registration of "火游" Trademark
2019-01-07 Purchased luoyang.com
2019-02-15 25251 Web Game and 17l Mobile Game Intermodal SDK                     Release
2019-05-17 Research and Development Center of Huoyoo game
2019-07-01 Obtain operational authorization of "hope" and "hope OL"
2019-12-01 Entering Zhengda international CPL
2017-02-07 Purchased haoshu.com and congshu.com etc
2017-05-31 Huoyoo organizes game teams and develops games
2017-07-17 Purchased qmh.com and qmh.net etc